Excellent Fabrics for High-end Plus-size Dresses

Gone are the days when people fussed over being unable to get something right to wear because of their size. Nowadays, with different designers coming up, each incorporates all people’s sizes into their target market to be all-rounded and increase their popularity and revenue stream. Buying plus-size dresses is easy if you know what to look for, especially if you are after something for a high-end occasion. It takes a bit of thought, and you have to be aware of your body to get the right dress.

The major challenge lies in getting stores that store a variety of plus-size dresses since most tend to focus on regular sizes. This is slowly changing as many retailers are now selling plus-size designer dresses with very posh labels. This makes it easy for one to create a bold fashion statement with suitable clothing.

The demand for stylish clothes among plus-size women has many designers letting go of their biases towards plus-size dresses. Fashion experts are also trying to fill the request for high-end curvy fashion. However, unlike regular sizes, there is a need to pay special attention to the type of fabric used to make high-end plus-size dresses. If this is not factored in, the result might be disastrous and embarrassing. Therefore, careful consideration and attention has to be given in choosing the fabric that one will use.

You can take advantage of online and shop sales to get plus-size dresses at great discounts. The best way to compliment them is with the right accessories but don’t go overboard on this aspect. You should examine the fabric thoroughly and ensure that it complements the time and season for wearing the dress. Keep in mind that dresses made from thick materials are meant to be worn in cold months, and those with thin fabrics are for spring and summer. The best fabrics for high-end dressmaking include;


It is a common choice among many designers because of its ability to retain a good shape. It is warm and therefore a good option for plus dresses for cold seasons. It is perfect for festive and elegant events. The material is also readily available to designers, and they can easily use it for high-end dressmaking.


Cotton is ideal for all seasons, and the designer has to focus on the layers to achieve this. It is comfortable and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for everyone. It is also relatively easy to work with it in designing and making dresses. Cotton is a breathable fabric and works like a towel transmitting moisture away from the body.


Linen is viewed as a luxurious material, which is why dresses made from the material are expensive. It is a natural fiber that is strong and durable. It is viewed as one of the strongest among all-natural fibers. Regular washing has no impact on it and seems to be strengthening more.


Silk does not attract dust mites and is a breathable fabric. Its smooth appearance makes it an excellent material for high-end plus-size dresses. You can alter it into different designs since it is tear-resistant. It also responds well to dyes making it easy for a designer to play around with various colours.

It is impressive that plus-size women no longer have to sacrifice fashion trends or quality. Designers are making fashionable dresses to suit them and going the extra mile to ensure that the dresses are elegant, fashionable, and trendy. The best part is that beauty is not restricted to size and what one needs is the confidence to embrace who they are. The plus-size dresses are only meant to give them a boost. One should never be afraid to show off their legs or curves. If you are aware of your best feature, you can emphasize it as much as possible with your dress choice. You also have to ensure that you have picked the right dress length, especially for formal occasions.

You can get the best plus-size dresses quickly and have them delivered to you if you don’t have the time to walk into a store. Online shopping can work for you. Most shops will be ready to help you find the perfect fit that will compliment your body. You will get the right plus-size dress made from the ideal material for high-end occasions.


How to Make your Own crochet Rug

Make your crochet rug enables you to convert your old and worn-out textiles into beautiful art pieces. In the following paragraphs, we will see how to make a crochet rug from start to finish. We will likewise talk about some challenges which you might come across and also how to avoid them.

This tutorial will show you how to begin and end a rag rug along with how to add/change fabrics. It will also show you a few techniques to help you along the way.


It is a fact that round rugs are quite popular; however, they’re more complicated than rectangular or square rugs. In case you are confident in making crochet circles, you will find it relatively easy to make circular rugs. However, if you are a beginner, it will be advisable to stick to rectangular or square patterns, which are more forgiving.


It is possible to convert any stitch repeat or pattern into a rug by using a thick yarn and a large hook. While selecting your stitch repeat or pattern, consider a couple of things:

• Whether there is any large hole in the pattern where you might get caught and trip.

• Whether the pattern is a yarn hog or not. In case the stitches consume plenty of yarn, your rug might prove to be more expensive in the long run.


It is a fact that every type of yarn comes with its drawbacks.


Acrylic yarn – either multiple or bulky strands held together – will work really well for a crochet rug. It is not elastic as jersey cotton, and therefore, it will be simpler to maintain the stitches’ tidiness. Nevertheless, this kind of material is not a proper choice for areas receiving lots of foot-traffic.

Jersey cotton

This material is quite elastic, and any slight alterations in tension will modify the rug’s shape and density. Moreover, different kinds of jersey cotton are going to “tube” differently. While some types can produce attractive yarn tubes, the other types will look less attractive when worked up. In case you use several color yarns, make certain that it has the same appearance and elasticity.

Fabric yarn

Fabric yarn, which is not elastic, comes with acrylic advantages without any drawback whatsoever. Nevertheless, it can prove to be quite hard on the hands and tends to shed small fibers.


Although you will be able to create crochet rugs with hooks, which are only 5.5 millimeters, your rug will become thinner in case your hook is smaller. For example, a 10-millimeter hook can be used in case you like to make the rug thick. However, anything more than 10 millimeters will be straining your arms and wrists since you will require thicker yarn.


It is important to focus on the gauge while preparing the crochet rug. Make it a point to use a larger hook of identical thickness to the yarn if your wrists and hands become quite strained, and the stitches are quite dense. Otherwise, a slightly thinner yarn can be used. Provide frequent breaks to your hands, arms, and wrists to provide them with rest.

It will be sensible to frequently check the rug if you are working in rounds, particularly if you are making a circle. If it begins to buckle, it implies that there is an excessive number of stitches. Crochet a couple of rounds without increasing and continue with the same pattern. In case it begins to bowl, there are not good stitches, and more increases have to be made.


It will be a good idea to finish your rugs with around of crab stitch (reverse single crochet), an attractive dense stitch that will help the edges to lay flat. Some individuals prefer including non-slip backing to the rugs for preventing them from sliding around. Although you’ll come across several ways for doing this, it will be advisable to sew non-slip drawer liners to the rear part of the rug. The liners come with holes within them, which will make it quite simple to sew through. In case you like to do this, make it a point to use long stitches such that you will be able to unpick them while washing or repairing the rug. When it comes to the maintenance and rug cleaning process, it’s best to either use a professional service or follow some strict guidelines.

Cleaning the Rug


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